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When we signed up we appear to have been bound to a third-party "solutions provider" which render any direct Pipedrive support (including in-app chat and emails to support) totally useless.

We've never heard of this solutions provider before, and the experience of having any attempt to chat or email directly with Pipedrive terminate immediate is incredibly frustrating / off-putting.

I'm posting this here as there appears to be no other way to get in contact with Pipedrive as even the email support seems to match our email address and auto-reply with a dead-end message saying to talk to the the solutions provider.

Overall this experience leaves a super bad taste right off the bat, and gives the impression that Pipedrive is does not really want to hear from their paying customers.

The most absurd part of the UX issue is leaving the in-app chat icon active, but forcing a dead-end loop whenever it is used by our users internally, causing complaints that the CRM we just migrated to is "broken".

Additionally, this whole situation is made even more strange by the fact that this "solutions provider" appears to service Asia Pacific exclusively, where we are European company.


  • Leonardo Zimmermann
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    Hey, Samuel.

    Our Solution Providers work with us directly and are Certified to provide Basic Support. If they reach a limit to how far they can help our customers, then they have a prioritised path to our Customer Solutions Team.

    Our Solution Providers are our allies to provide the best customer service and we are working with them to be the main point of contact and help us reach all customers in all timezones.

    We ask our customers that were not aware they had a Solution Provider available to help them, to confirm in their email if they received contact from the partner indicated in the Chat or Email message sent by our Support. From there, it is possible to clarify with them the relationship you wish to have and the services they can provide.

    Thank you.

  • Bobby Welch
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    I agree with this post and the same thing happened to us. For Pipedrive to make a change like this without warning shows either an out-of-touch management team or one that isn't too bright. They definitely don't understand that small businesses rely on their software. In addition to personal frustration, there is the real financial and reputational risk when a challenge with the software can't be handled in real time by Pipedrive.

    Moving CRMs is brutal work but Pipedrive is showing itself to be a risky long-term partner with abrupt decisions like these. I've had one pretty amazing demo with a competitor yesterday and have another one next Monday. A lot has changed in the space in just two years and there are some impressive choices out there. Don't be afraid to look - I might get a great upgrade out of this. I found my options in some industry facebook groups by asking what CRMs everyone was using.

    If I move CRM providers, my next step will be the mess of charging the annual subscription back on my credit card. I spoke with my bank and they said that a significant change in the product I thought I was buying would be enough to dispute.

    Hope this helps as people navigate this mess. As paying customers we have choices when a company makes a fundamental and sensitive change like this. This is not what we purchased.

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    @Leonardo Zimmermann

    I signed up directly for pipedrive in 2016. Will I get sent to a third party solutions provider now?

  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi everyone, our support team has taken notice of your cases and should have contacted each of you by now with more details on this specific matter. Do not hesitate to reply to them in case of any questions.

  • Bobby Welch
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    I have received no email or chat message from your support team. How did they reach out to us?

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    When I signed up for Pipedrive, I was not aware that I would be bound to this provider and any attempt to contact Pipedrive site directly through in-app chat or email is immediately terminated and redirected to the solutions provider. It is incredibly frustrating as it gives the impression that Pipedrive is not interested in hearing from their paying customers.

  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @AdenDennis , I appreciate what you mean and our support team would like more details to better understand your case. I will DM you with more information.

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    When I signed onto the Pipedrive site I faced Delayed or incorrect support: If the third-party provider is not familiar with Pipedrive, they may not be able to provide you with the correct or timely support that you need.