Prospector Custom Field Syncing / Add Job Title Standard Field

Joe Stanley
Joe Stanley Member Posts: 2

I'd like to propose 2 changes (if not already suggested) that are related to one scenario I've run into.

Firstly, I'd like to suggest adding Job Title as a standard Pipedrive field for Contacts.

Secondly, I'd like to propose the ability for Prospector to automatically pull in data that matches custom fields.

Scenario - I found over 100 new leads via Prospector and added them all to my Contacts, however none of them pulled the job title through, even though the information was collected and presented. Support advised this was because it's a custom field I had created, so will need to be added manually. This is going to be quite a long, manual process, so I'm fortunate that this is the only custom field I have. I would also imagine that reaching out to specific roles in a business is quite a common sales approach, so believe this is quite vital and should be standard.

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