Is there a way to export the summary part of the report table?

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I can only get the export option when the "Deals" tab is active, however there are some scenarios where it would be helpful to export the "Summary" tab contents to a spreadsheet.

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  • Amit Sarda (

    You can configure filters in Pipedrive that mimic the conditions for specific charts. Then, I would suggest considering Coupler or Flatly to build a data pipeline to export these summaries to Google Sheets.

    You can read more about building a data pipeline for Pipedrive in this article.

  • imaginaryisreal
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    Unfortunately that doesn't work for us as a solution.

    Pipedrive has the data and has export capabilities. It costs a significant amount per user per month. What I would expect would be for Pipedrive to include a feature enhancement in the backlog to export all the data using it's current export functionality.

    If I am to invest in additional subscriptions or in extra effort to get what I expect to get from Pipedrive, I can also think about investing the funds now directed to Pipedrive into building up an internal solution tailored to our needs. We chose Pipedrive because we thought we shouldn't reinvent the wheel.

    Thanks for your reply, just wanted to leave my feedback here.

    Have a good one.

  • Susan Keen
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    I agree, this is something that is pretty easy to do and should be an option!

  • Ainsley
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    Please can this issue be looked into. Surely this is a quick fix?

  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @Ainsley this is a feature request, so I have moved it to the feedback section so it can be seen by our product team, and upvoted by other members.