Why oh why finding duplicates and merging them is so hard

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I'm a big fan of PD and have been using it since 2016. During the years we have collected a vast amount of contacts with variable quality. Now we bought a service where we can search and download contacts both orgs and people. Idea is to get all of our records up to date.

First I tried to import data via service providers integration. I got a bunch of duplicates in people section, which PD recognised. In organisations section it didn't recognise any. We had a bunch of duplicates already and now I just got more than 1000 more.

Then I removed the new uploaded organisations and tried to update with xls file. I even added the pipedrive ID field to the import file and mapped out what it meant. Still, assumingly because the address fields didn't match, PD created duplicate organisations. I'm so frustrated!!!

Isn't there really any other way than update +4000 contacts manually or by merging duplicating all organisations and merging them one by one???


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    There's 3rd party tools that help with data cleansing like deduply.

  • Amit Sarda (AmitSarda.xyz)

    I would highly recommend checking out Dedupely.

    They allow you to create custom rules for duplicate detection.

    Also, you should explore how you can avoid creating duplicate contacts when adding new enquiries to the system. This can be easily managed in Make/Integromat.