Using New Leads Tab is Frustrating

David Spear
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I started to use the new leads tab to enter Leads from multiple sources and qualifying them further before moving them into a pipeline.  Great in concept, however, the entry page is limited, and it isn't doing auto lookup on People and Organizations that are already in pipedrive, and when entering activities, it doesn't allow me to put in a date and time.  This means I have to enter with the options given 1 hr, 3 hr, Tomorrow or next week, and then go to Activities and change it to the exact day and time.  

Seems like it may be better to just create a pipeline called leads, which gives me full access to all the tools like any deal, and then later just change the pipeline when I am ready to move it out of this stage.  If someone has a reason this wouldn't be a better option at this time, please let me know.  Thanks , Dave

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  • Boris Tsibelman
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    Hey Dave,


    I hear your frustrations!! I think there is going to be more features for leads that comes out soon!


  • David Lorbiecke_3
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    Thanks for the feedback David!

    Both are definitely valid points. The feature is still in the early phases so feedback like yours will be helpful as we continue to work on and improve the feature.

  • Aaron Smith
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    Is there a resource that discusses the reasons and advantages to utilize leads vs deals?

  • David Spear
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    Is there a resource that discusses the reasons and advantages to utilize leads vs deals?

    Hi Aaron,  the reason I was told was to keep from overloading your "pipeline view - showing the stages" with a ton of initial leads, that you have to scroll down to.  At this stage with me, given how much I lose with Leads tab vs what I can do under deals, I am choosing to go back and just load up my pipeline with the leads.  I just can't have an improvement, which causes me more time to manage.  Regards, Dave