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Hi all,

we have changed the structure of our e-mail addresses centrally to [email protected] - while before we had changing things like firstname@, initials@, or something else.

We now want to enforce SSO. Which I cannot do until every user changed the credentials to the new structure. Is there a way I, as an admin, could overwrite their credentials? Running around and chasing 60+ people isn't really on my bucket list...

Anybody else had this issue before?


  • Leonardo Zimmermann
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    Hey, Fabian!

    You are correct on the fact that the enforce option will enforce SSO for all users, and there's no way to specify which users should the SSO be enforced to. That said, for privacy reasons it is not possible to change a user's credentials - as those can only be changed from within each specific account.

    An alternative would be to deactivate specific users and activate new ones with the intended email address, and you can then reassign data from the deactivated ones into the newly activated one, like this. That workaround, however, will cause impact as users will need access to those invites within the new email address' inbox, but that is the only alternative for you to enforce SSO without having to depend on each user directly.

    I hope this helps.