Webhooks version 2.0 for Notes


The Webhook version 2.0 for Notes is missing the change_source data, which is quite annoying.

My current setup sends notes from our dialer software to the deal in Pipedrive. Our meeting bookers are only working in the dialer software, and these notes are communication related to that deal, intended for the salesmen working on the deals in Pipedrive. The salesmen also add notes to the deal, which is sent to the dialer software for the agents to see.

Right now, we are using the webhook version 1.0, since you can filter on the change_source, thus avoiding to get the notes created in the dialer (and created in Pipedrive through API), to be re-created in the dialer.

With the current structure in version 2.0, I don't get the data on the source of creation, so I can't filter on that.

Switching the webhook to version 2.0 would then require me to run every request through eg. Pipedream to be able to filter out the undesired notes.