Importing a Spreadsheet Problem

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Hi there!

I'm currently trying to import a spreadsheet that includes our leads' organization name, contact person name, contact person job title, and contact person email address columns to make a bulk import. However, I've run into a few issues and was hoping to ask for some advice from this wonderful community.

My problem is that when I import the spreadsheet, it's not opening new leads, but instead, it's opening new "deals." I'm wondering if there's a way to open new leads with bulk import instead.

Another issue I'm having is that even if my imported spreadsheet includes the job title of the contact person, I can't seem to add it as a data field.

If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions on how to solve these issues, I would really appreciate your help. Thank you so much!


  • Marina Mendez
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    Hi Yaren, In Step 2 of the import section, have you mapped the fields as "leads"? If not, please do so. Additionally, when importing leads, make sure to include the Lead title as well as either the Person name or Organization name fields. As for the job title, have you created the custom field first and mapped it?