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Joop Harrems
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Can a lead have different fields shown depending on the type of label I give it?

This can be very handy if you use different types of leads!

According to the Help Center this is not possible right now. Anyone who knows a way to work around this?



  • Paul Minors
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    I'm afraid this is correct. The fields are the same for all lead types.

    However, one workaround could be when you convert the lead into a deal, you could have different types of deals on different pipelines. In the custom field settings, you can customise which fields are displayed on each pipeline. So depending on the pipeline the deal is on you would see a different set of fields.

  • Amit Sarda (AmitSarda.xyz)
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    As I always say, abandon the leads functionality, create a new pipeline under Deals called 'Leads' and treat that as a Leads pipeline.

  • Paul Minors
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    I agree that the Lead's functionality can be a bit limiting. But I would still recommend using the Lead Inbox especially if you're using LeadBooster features like web forms to get new leads into Pipedrive that need to be qualified. You can then report on the lead-to-deal conversion rate which you can't do if you have a leads pipeline.

  • aydenDamian
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    I've been exploring the possibility of customizing lead fields based on the type of label assigned to a lead. It would be incredibly useful if I could have different fields shown for each lead type, especially when dealing with various types of leads. However, according to the Help Center, it seems that this functionality is not currently available.

  • KianRuben
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    Utilize custom fields or tags to categorize your leads based on their types. Then, you can create different lead views or filters that display specific fields based on these custom categories. This approach allows you to customize the information displayed for each type of lead without directly tying it to the label itself.

  • Gideonaxton
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    Depending on your CRM's capabilities, you might be able to set up workflow automation that triggers based on the lead's label. This workflow could include actions to change the layout or visibility of certain fields.