Embed of webforms in your website is not working.

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You might think, you are able to embed a webform to your website. Especially when you see this:

You are wrong.

This is not working and when I asked the support why, they asked the dev team and came back with the following answer:

"I have just received feedback that you have discussed this with another colleague of mine, and our developers are saying that it is expected behavior and backgrounds in all our embedded Web Forms are transparent."

This means it does not look as in preview.

They even do not come up with a solution for this obvious bug.

I will try to manually buid a whithe background to put it on our website behind the webform.


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    Hi @Janosch

    I am glad you were able to discuss this with our Support team. Currently, indeed it is expected that the embedded version has a transparent background. I understand your feedback and use case have already been shared as feedback to be taken into account for future improvements. Thank you for sharing!