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When you use a scheduler I have several mandatory questions but only questions as phone and email automatically gets added to a contact. When a person's answers to my mandatory questions (my custom fields) in scheduler be added to contact details directly after he scheduling a meeting?

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    Hi Natalia,

    Pipedrive's scheduler will not update your custom fields on a booking submission. And you can't really use any other standard fields as well. All the data captured will be added to the notes which you need to manually copy and paste into the corresponding fields.

    You can use the webform to collect lead data and then redirect to the scheduler interface. Again this can possibly create double entries and duplicates since both are not synced properly.

    We've built to fix all these issues with scheduling meetings on Pipedrive. You can do form+scheduler+Pipedrive sync all at a single place.

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    I'm in a similar position. I would like to add fields to a form that currently exist in Pipedrive. Even basic custom fields. If you think about it, I'm asking people to fill that information out in leadsbooster. But leadsbooster won't let you add scheduling. We're stuck between two great features that (for some reason) won't connect.

    If I can add those to the scheduler form, it allows pipedrive to collect the correct information up front at the time of scheduling. Those fields would update/create entries accordingly.