Email sequences


Hello - is there a way to add leads to an email sequence so that they get emails in a drip. I see the email campaigns but I that seems to be a one-off thing, not an automated series.

Also, what is the difference between email campaign and automated email campaign pages? Both seem the same, unless I'm missing something.



  • Graham Cox
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    Hi Sri, you need the automated email campaign to drip them. Create the emails, then go to automations->templates tab->campaigns. There's a template in there for creating a drip sequence. Or you can just build you own automation out.

  • VF
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    Yes, you can set that up under automation. 

    - Configure a trigger e.g Contact enters a deal stage, or contact field update

    - Then you can sent emails, add a delay add another email to send. 

    Unfortunately, there are limited steps allowed so if you have a longer drip you need to create multiple shorter ones and move contacts through that.

    One issue that I just dealing with is how to take folks out of that drip, if you want to.