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Henry Jung
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As a user, I find many features very useful for our business, just a few improvements will help us even more.

  1. we would love to have a product filter of products with deals. like we would like to filter deals by each product, so we could send out updates, releases to that certain customer using our specific product and so on.
  2. also we would like to have a filter deals/person/org with followers. as we assign multiple personnel to each deals to make things happen, we would love to filter our what are the deals one person owns and follows.

furthermore, we would love to have a slight feature enhancement.

we would like to have activity creator, who makes the schedule on pipedrive, as a attendee in google calendar.

as we use a team calendar, it is so hard to know which schedule is mine or not. if pipedrive help us invite ourselves when add schedule on google calendar, it would make life much easier. thanks

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