Delete events from Pipedrive without altering them in calendar

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I`ve faced this issue when realised I made my first integration of Pipedrive with Google Calendar with the wrong calendar - all internal events, such as team sync ups and even luches were in Pipedrive activities and those have nothing to do with sales activities.

I tried to delete those events from Pipedrive manually, but apparently the only way to do that is to disconnect calendar, delete event and connect it again, since deleting the event would change my response to the event in the Google Calendar and send it to attendees.

I`d appreciate having an option to choose wether deleting event in Pipedrive should alter the event in calendar - I try to make my colleagues use this feature and lots of them jumped into this without figuring out what exactly should be connected (external events calendar) and now 10+ users have to disconnect calendar, manually delete events (imagine finding all recurring events) and connect it back again.

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    was there ever an answer given to this? I have the same issue.