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Significant problems exist importing data since addresses are always automatically checked agains google geocode data for validation. This feature is great when entering records manually. But during import can cause some major problems. I have a spreadsheet of organization records fully filled out with proper addresses. All address fields are complete. I know they are proper because they were validated using a third party geocode service

All Latitude and longitude data also exists for the records. Importing this spreadsheet is hit and miss. Some address data populates, some does not. Perplexing is that some of the location data applied to those imported records is totally foreign to the data that is in the spreadsheet. Cities, states, zip codes are applied to records nowhere near the addresses of what is supplied in the spreadsheet. seemed to resolve the proper location just fine but the built in google geocode is very much unreliable for import.

Maybe have the ability to turn that validation off for import and allow pipedrive to rely on the latitude and longitude of what is supplied in the spreadsheet.

If anyone reading this knows a workaround to allow these records to be imported with properly supplied address data please let me know. pipedrive tech support has been very helpful but their suggestion to use custom fields instead of system standard address fields is not an acceptable long term solution.

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