Automating campaign subscription for new persons?

How do I create a workflow that will automatically invite newly added persons to an email campaign (ideally send them a double opt-in notification)?


  • Hi there,

    we was testing this today and its seems like that this is not possible. You only can set up the marketingstatus by creating a person but non of the options is triggering this opt in mail. So of course you can set him as subscribed by creating him but he never has got a opt in mail. In some cases you can do this but its not a real best practice.

    Even with zapier its not possible to send the opt in mail from pipedrive. Maybe there is a solution to send a own opt in mail and you can set a webhook that the informations in the link by clicking the button in the email is triggering a zapier automation where the target is to set up the marketingstatus but we didnt had time to test this scenario.

    So there is no easy way. You have to do it by your own manually or you have to find a hard workaround.

  • It's very weird that you cannot automatically invite newly added people to get subscribed to the email campaigns.

    @Pipedriveadmin perhaps something to add to your product roadmap?

  • Graham Cox
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    I agree, the ability to automatically send out an email invite to double opt-in is an industry standard feature. Is this on the roadmap Pipedrive?