Feedback and Improvement Suggestions for Pipedrive's Default Guests Feature

Felipe Ruggeri
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I would like to provide feedback and suggest an improvement for Pipedrive's activity creation process. Currently, when creating activities, users have to manually add the same set of guests each time, which can be time-consuming. My suggestion is to introduce a default guests feature that allows users to set a pre-defined list of attendees that will automatically be added to every new activity. This would save time, reduce the risk of human error, and provide a consistent approach to activity creation.

Implementing the default guests feature would greatly enhance user experience and productivity. Sales teams, in particular, would benefit from this functionality as they frequently organize meetings with the same stakeholders. Additionally, it would be beneficial to allow users to modify the default guest list for each activity type or override it when necessary. This improvement would streamline workflow, minimize oversight, and allow users to focus more on the purpose of the activities rather than repetitive administrative tasks.

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