Complex Products using other Basic Products

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I was wondering if anyone has ever come across the need to create a "kit" in products.


I am selling a life-size hologram (the kit)

3 fans in Products are FV-30 and 1 Masterbox called FV-Masterbox

Creating a quote I could select qty 3 of FV-30 and qty 1 of FV-Masterbox

But what if I had the option to create a product called FV-HoloHuman which would be composed of the items above? This way I select the FV-HoloHuman it is one line item that has the pieces included.



  • Kätlin Sandvik
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    Thank you for the feedback! At the moment, the Products feature does not have the ability to create bundles, but we have received similar feedback from other customers as well. I have recorded your feedback for the future.