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Normunds Grāveris
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Any suggestions - how we can close Deals where more as one product is assigned and we won Deal for one product, but lost Deal for other Product. For example, Customer project is for Printers, Projectors and Software and we won Deal in Software parts, but lost Deal for other 2 parts. Additionally we want to add info to which competitir we lost Deal and reason - price, ect. Good also to see - total project amount with won and lost amount. Is it possible manage this with PD?


  • Leonardo Zimmermann
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    Hey, @Normunds Grāveris!

    A deal can be either won or lost, no matter how many products it has associated with it. So if a deal has two products associated with it and is marked as won, this means that both products will be included in this "win", and under each of those products you will then be able to see that this specific deal was marked as won (here). That said, since our system considers all the products associated with a deal as part of that deal, they cannot be dissociated - for that, you would have to create different deals for each product to be associated with.

    When it comes to add info to a deal regarding competitors and their details, this can be done with custom fields.

    For further details, I suggest reaching out to our Support Team.

    I hope this helps :)