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We currently have 'universal' and 'deal specific' smart bcc address options. Is there a reason organisation specific smart bcc addresses don't exist?

When using Pipedrive as more of a conventional CRM system, it's sometimes prudent to attach emails which do not relate directly to a deal. Using the universal bcc address is sometimes helpful, assuming you've created the relevant 'person' and linked them to the organisation, however this doesn't help if, for example, you need to attach a relevant email from an internal colleague (or indeed from anyone who isn't linked to the organisation, for any reason).

An organisation specific smart bcc address would be incredibly useful!

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  • Rick Garza
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    Hello - I signed up using my personal email I established the Pipedrive to track and use my work email. The SMART BCC worked perfectly and I was notified when an email was open.

    Last week, I stepped away from the company and this their email. I changed to integrate with GMAIL versus Outlook.

    My issue is that the SMART BCC is now not working. How do I fix or whom can I speak with? It is advising me to upgrade. That doe snot make sense. I already paid for this.


    Rick Garza

  • Kreete K
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    Hi @Rick Garza

    Smart BCC is related to your login email address. So all forwarded emails need to be FROM the user login email address OR a confirmed alternate email address. Please check this from your side, more info here. For different company accounts, there is a different general email address to forward the emails to.

    Email Sync is a separate feature and whichever address is actively synced, it does not affect the working of Smart BCC. However, it is only possible to track an email sent via sync functionality. You can see more about tracking here.

    If you still need some help, don't hesitate to open up the Chat flow from our system under the Quick help question mark button.