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Hi there,

We are a wedding business, couples book their weddings with us through Acuity. I already have a Zap that converts the Deal to 'won' as soon as they book.

However I want to be able then to manage their booking all the way through their wedding journey inside Pipedrive using projects.

I am looking for a way that when the deal is marked as 'won' it is automatically converted into a project. And this project has a scheduled activity with an appointment that corelates to the date of their booking made in Acuity.

I also then want to set up automations - sending of emails and other documents - that work backwards from the wedding date (at the moment I can only see how to set it up from the date the project started).

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    Hi good works,

    1.Stage--> Deals created

    2.Stage--> Created project, (choose Created activity)

    I hope this will be the solution

    Best Regards

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    It's not difficult Anthony. You can create multiple stages in the Pipedrive according to your business. And you can use Won feature only when the customer do the booking.

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    Hi @bharatjain - I understand that it should be doable, however I am looking for the specific triggers I need to configure. When I look to set these up, I don't have an option for flagging when status changes to won for the Deal. I only get the options for 'is' etc... not 'changed to'

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