Is there a way to send Email via automation from a custom field ?

Craig Beaumont
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I have set up follow up automated emails triggered from specific pipeline stages, these seem to be effective in keeping the deals moving.

The problem I have is that you can only send emails to the default contact in the deal, I have other contacts associated with the deal with an email address in a custom field. is there a way to connect this custom field in to email automation.



  • inacyakup
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    Hi Craig

    There should be a button where you enter the e-mail address of the person you are going to send. Thanks to this button, you can select the fields within the agreement and send e-mail to the fields suitable for the e-mail format.

    Good Works

  • Leonardo Zimmermann
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    Hey, @Craig Beaumont!

    When the trigger of the automation is related to an action made on a deal, the options you have to send emails to are the options highlighted in green bellow. In the field highlighted in red, you can type email addresses that you want the automation to send emails to - which in this case means that recipients would have to be pre-defined.

    That said, I will forward your suggestion internally and encourage you to also share it here.


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