Looking for a Buyer Intent/Sales Platform for a Small Business

Jamie Pride
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Hi Pipedrivers,

I am looking for a buyer intent/lead gen platform similar to 6sense that can help us drive top of funnel.

We are looking for something that is suitable for a small business (<10 people) and even better if it has strong integration into pipedrive. We are a B2B professional services company, based in Australia, that sells into medium to large corporates.

We are not looking for an email automation solution, more something that can help with account based marketing. We are just starting out in increasing our sales technology beyond CRM.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




  • Leonardo Zimmermann
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    Hey, @Jamie Pride!

    We have several integrations with platforms used for leads generation (here), as well as our native Leadbooster feature (which you can read more about here). Since I do not have a thorough overview of your operation and what exactly are your needs, my suggestion is that you check the options available in those links and reach out to our Support Team in case there are any specific questions from there.

    I hope this helps :)