Solutions for Visibility of Costs, Commissions and Custom Fields for Products in Pipedrive?

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Hello Pipedrive Community,

I am currently setting up Pipedrive for an event planning business client. Their sales process involves creating custom packages from various individual services, with prices for these services listed on their website. As part of the sales process, their sales reps have the flexibility to adjust prices and commissions based on client needs or non-standard requests.

To facilitate this, I've loaded the individual services as 'products' into Pipedrive. The sales rep then creates a 'deal' and selects the 'products' to form a package. However, we are facing a critical issue – the sales reps can't see the cost, commission percentage, or dollar amount associated with these 'products'.

We know that custom 'calculated' fields in Pipedrive are applicable to 'Deals', but not 'Products'. But, the limitation we face is that we can't 'reference' the product custom fields when creating deal custom fields, which prevents our sales reps from having all the necessary information at hand to negotiate effectively.

I have confirmed with Pipedrive support that there isn't a direct workaround for this. I am seeking insights from the community - has anyone encountered a similar issue and how have you managed it? Are there any third-party integrations or add-ons that might offer a solution?

Any guidance or advice will be greatly appreciated!




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    Hey, @MatOrr!

    The Products feature has limitations that do not make workarounds for this possible, unfortunately. The only feasible solution in this case would be to manually add the fields and amounts, if possible, but I understand this is not exactly what you are looking for.

    With that in mind, I will share your suggestion internally and encourage you to share it here as well, for enhanced visibility.

    Thank you.