Integrate Sales Navigator with PipeDrive

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Is there a PipeDrive integration with Sales Navigator, where you can use the PipeDrive group email functionality to send multiple leads in Sales Navigator customized messages all at once? Example, I communicate with most of my leads through the Sales Navigator message feature. In my business, it's far more effect than email and LinkedIn messaging. Most of my leads respond to me through the Sales Navigator message center. I would love to be able to send all of my leads in Sales Navigator a quick message by simply saving a custom message in PipeDrive and send it out to multiple leads at once like I can email leads through PipeDrive. Is this integration and functionality possible?


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    Hi @CDO

    We don't have a direct integration for this type of messaging. Maybe someone could offer workarounds here how they have set it up on their own accounts.

    The options we have listed on our Marketplace are LinkPort and Wiza - but I believe these are just for Contacts and not messaging. And about messaging we have Dux-Soup - but I am not sure this works with LinkedIn Sales Navigator (only LinkedIn is mentioned), you can check more details directly with Dux-Soup.

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    LinkedIn Sales Navigator doesn't have a REST API.

    The only integration option they offer is to embed the Sales Navigator UI within an existing application.