Where is Pipedrive going?

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Iam using pipedrive since years but the last design changes and updates are making the platform almost unusable.


  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @Jiggy, sorry to learn you feel that way. Can you share more details on what is making it unusable for you?

  • Jiggy
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    Here we go:

    the new design is a absolute trash can, now we have on the left side panels like contact, organization and so on and on the right side a huuuuuge field for notices, activities, emails sent or recieved and so on. basically not a bad idea but its a shame if the right panel is not using the whole space and on the right side we have unused space either.

    this leads into problems with the visualization because if you write a longer note then these not will be not shown correct and u need to use unfold option to see the whole message. WHY? CAN U TELL ME WHY? WHY REDESIGN THE OVERLAY AND THEN FORCE CUSTOMERS TO UNFOLD MESSAGES EVEN IF ON THE RIGHT SIDE IS NOTHING?

    Then every update the App gets, its getting much worse, i have like 1300 leads and now i should recorrect the phone numbers because they are not showing correctly since a patch and i should remove all the blank spaces at like 2000 phone numbers. before it was working well even with blank spaces between the numbers and the phone numbers was shown correctly, now since a few patches it shows me a number like this:

    +49 123


    instead of +49123456

    Imagine how this looks like if u have like 10 phone numbers for one lead in on deal.

    Iam just saying, we are your customers and not your beta testers for the CRM solution pipedrive! Everytime i contact a support guy over the chat i need to do always these steps:

    clear cache

    change browser

    make picture

    make video and so on.

    iam trying to repeat, we are your customers and not your beta testers for the CRM solution pipedrive!

    i have mentioned these and more bugs and problems to your support and it never changed!! Iam seriously thinking about to leave pipedrive.

  • Josh Buesking
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    The summary needs to go back into the header, creates way more scrolling using that valuable area in the sidebar.

    The focus needs to be able to be turned off, again creates way more scrolling. Not everyone uses pipedrive the same and I'm not a high pressure fast closer. My deals are 10's of thousands of dollars and take 30-60 days to close and rarely is there anything that needs focus. So it's just a big empty space saying "no focus items" that I have to scroll past.

  • Leonardo Zimmermann
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    @Jiggy Thank you for your detailed feedback!

    I will share your feedbacks with our Product Team, and you can also share them here for enhanced visibility.

    I am sorry to hear that those updates did not have the positive impacts to your operation as we intended them to. Nonetheless, rest assured that those feedbacks will reach our team for future consideration.

    Thank you.