Multiple Calendar Integration

Everyone needs to have a personal and a work calendar, especially if we want a proper balance AND the ability to make things like client selection for our calendars just WORK.

Pipedrive needs to build in a feature that allows for a multiple calendar sync per user. This would help eliminate double bookings for calendar events between work and home life and also allow for other users to manage calendar's effectively (read secretaries and/or personal assistants).

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  • Is there a solution for this? I need the same.

  • Jdavis1296
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    No solution yet. Seems like pipedrive is going to push users to use the "private" vs "public" option that is native to google calendar. It's a weak solution that doesn't support a good work life balance and at this point has zero support for the idea of multiple email sync.

    Spread the word. We will need more critical mass for this feature to be important to the devs.

  • Flemming Eiberg
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    This issue with integration of multiple calendars is a dealbreaker for me.

    When can we expect a solution?

  • Zachary Hanover
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    Checking in on this - it is now late February 2024 and Pipedrive still will not allow multiple calendars to sync within the same account? I could understand only allowing one Google account to be connected, but it is simply archaic that I cannot import multiple calendars contained within the same account.

    This product works AWESOME for keeping my Work calendar in sync, but unfortunately due to these inexplicable limitations I have giant holes in my calendar for daily personal events like doctor appointments and it is nearly catastrophic to my overall great impression of the product.

  • FH1504
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    I agree. I have the same need.