New types of permissions to help you further restrict user editing/adding capabilities

Külli Kruusla
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edited July 2023 in What's New #1

We will soon start introducing new types of permissions into permission sets that aim to provide the possibility to restrict users from either creating or editing other users’ items:

  • Permissions for adding items: “Add deals”, “Add leads”, “Add organizations” and “Add people”
    • These permissions, when disabled, will restrict the user from creating new items.
      • For example, when an account settings admin disables “add organizations” permission in the global regular permission set, the regular users in that permission set will no longer be able to create new organizations.
  • Permissions for editing items owned by other users: “Edit deals owned by other users”, “Edit leads owned by other users”, “Edit organizations owned by other users”, “Edit people owned by other users”
    • These permissions, when disabled, will block users from editing other users’ item details. This permission will only block users from editing items that are owned by other users and will block only the possibility to edit item details, users without the permission are able to still add notes, edit notes, add activities etc for collaboration purposes.

These permissions will be available for Professional, Power and Enterprise plans by the end of July.