Invoice Integration - Creating Recurring Invoices (Quickbooks PipeDrive Integration)

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Hey there,

I want to emphasize a critical feature request that needs implementing. We need recurring invoicing integration ASAP with the Quickbooks PipDrive integration! Here's why it's absolutely necessary:

  1. Current invoice integration is useless for larger businesses: Currently, we can't set up recurring invoices through PipeDrive, and that's a major pain point. It's a basic functionality that should be readily available. Today, most clients in whichever industry use recurring payment options rather than one-off invoices, which means that the invoicing integration is only good for that tiny 20% client base and this defeats the purpose. Let's make it happen!
  2. Essential automation: Creating recurring invoices is not a complex task. It's a fundamental feature found in most accounting and billing applications including Quickbooks. We need PipeDrive to catch up and provide this automation, so we can save time and minimize errors.
  3. No possible workaround: Currently, even if we manually created recurring invoices in QuickBooks, these don't sync back to PipeDrive. This means that the majority of the client base invoice information is not visible on Pipedrive. It creates confusion and problems and ultimately leads back to point 1, making the integration useless.

If anyone has any ideas for possible workarounds for the time being, I would be happy to chat!

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    Hi @Annika

    Thank you for your feedback here, we will share it with our Product team so it could be taken into account in the future. However, right now we don't have a specific workaround to offer here. Maybe someone is using a different tool and could comment what works for them.