Make Focus & History View Optional

Simon Lunt
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Really love Pipedrive overall but not a fan of the new “Focus” and “History” view. I appreciate that some people might want this but the fact it is mandatory isn’t welcome. Please provide an option to turn this off.

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  • PG
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    Agreed - it looks awful. It ignores the comment new lines and just concatenates the first couple of lines into single lined jumbled mass of text. We usually put a clear heading on a note in bold so that we can easily navigate through comments and find relevant items. All that effort now gone to waste with the new view. We can't see or find anything!! The reason we were putting these headings on was due to a total absence of keyword search facility within deal notes - something that many have asked for. Its made a bad problem worse.

  • Bronwen Fraser
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    Just got back from being away and I hate this new look. When I first tried it, when it was an "upcoming" thing, I commented that it was not good at all. It definitely has to be optional!