How to address target audiences based on specific themes which are not covered by filters?

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Dear community,

I got an Excel list of contacts divided into different thematic groups. The contacts are already in PD, but the Excel list is not an export from PD. Each group's topic is not based on a data field in PD and therefore I cannot filter the target audience by that topic.

What is the best and most sustainable way to create/filter a target audience for each topic?

1) Should I assign each contact a specific topic using a new custom field (and implement it via bulk edit) and then filter by that custom field within the person section? (I don't want to use the label field because we use labels to mark cold/warm/hot leads)

2) Can the contacts be inserted via import directly into Campaigns as a target group named after the specific topic?

3) Or is there any other way?

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    Conduct thorough research to gain insights into your target audience's demographics, interests, The Art of Tamping, and preferences. This will help you identify the specific themes or topics that resonate with them.