App Under Review (four weeks)


Hello everyone,

It's been approximately four weeks since we submitted our app for review, and despite sending two emails to Pipedrive requesting an update, we haven't received any information yet. We're wondering if anyone has an idea why the process is taking so long.

We understand that Pipedrive might be experiencing a high volume of requests, but unfortunately, the developer email hasn't been responsive to our messages.

I hope this message can shed some light on the topic.

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  • Janis Rozenblats
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    Hey AppMonks.

    We appreciate your patience, and thanks for raising your concerns here as well. Indeed we've been experiencing some bottlenecks and are dealing with a higher volume of requests and reviews than usual, and doing the highest quality support takes time. Which, in this case, means that you have been waiting for this long.

    We will do our best to review and respond to your request and any other pending requests as soon as possible.

    Once again, this kind of feedback helps us improve!

    Janis | VP of Product