Different Pipelines - way how to automate the whole process in one pipeline and see a better report?

Darja Dishboard
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Hi, we currently have several pipelines where we manage clients - cold calls, inbounds, referrals - but we don't have a professional account and so monitoring reports is more difficult. Is there any way to manage only one pipeline, but we can select the filter where the deal came from, so we can see the global report with the source of the deal?


  • Edie Mew
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    Hi @Darja Dishboard

    In this instance, it would be good to understand if the reason for the different Pipelines are due to differences in processes/workflow stage based on where the Deal came from. If the case is the process is the same for all source categories, then you could reduce the Pipelines to just one, by using a custom field or Deal label to categorise the Deal source