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I have been experimenting with the new Syncbot that allows better Pipedrive / Mailchimp integration, and while I love that I don't need to export contacts from pipedrive and into mailchimp, a downside of syncbot is that it doesn't allow for further tagging within mailchimp. You can filter who you want to send to Mailchimp, but once they get there there is no way to differentiate who came from which filter in Pipedrive. As segmentation is critical for successful email campaigns, this is a much needed feature. Otherwise, I really can't use synchbot... I am back to exporting contacts.

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  • Andrus Purde
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    Hey, could you use Workflow automation to update custom field content based on which filter someone is part of (or rather, based on conditions that match them to a certain filter), and sync that field over to Mailchimp?

    Alternatively, you could use dedicated 3rd party apps like Outfunnel to sync contacts to Mailchimp. These have more customization options for syncing contacts but also let you sync engagements from Mailchimp back to Pipedrive. If this sounds interesting you can learn more about our 2-way Pipedrive-Mailchimp integration here.