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Travis Waycott
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Hi all,

up until recently, when were sending out an email template from within a deal, the template would autofill the PERSON fields with the data from that deal. Now it has changed to the data from the email address contact. As an example, we are a car broker sending our client information out to a dealer. Now it's sending the dealer information to themselves.

I either need for this to be fixed/reversed or a new set of Fields to be available for the PERSON within the deal, not the addressee of the email.





  • Sophie
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    Hi @Travis Waycott!

    When sending an email or using a template from the deal detail view, the merge fields will populate the person fields with the data based on who the email recipient is. If you want to use deal data, you can use deal fields or create deal custom fields in your account (linked to the deal) and use those custom fields as the merge fields in your email!

    You can see in this screenshot, the person fields will take the data from the recipient but the deal fields are populated with the deal data-

    You can also always reach out to support via chat or email if you want to investigate this further with one of our experts!

    I hope this helps a bit!

  • Travis Waycott
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    Thanks @Sophie. I do understand the current state of play, however this wasn't always the case. We used to be able to change the email address to a new recipient and the email merge fields would still read the person data from the deal (when in the deal detail view). But this has always been inconsistent as sometimes it worked and on the odd occasion it didn't. Now it seems permanent.

    Adding additional custom fields is a lot of double handling as we would then to enter the clients name in twice. Once in as a Person and the other in the deal view. Along with their address, phone number, and other relevant information that we are sending to a 3rd party via email.

    The only practical solution that I can think of is adding another tab in the merge fields option "Deal Person" so you can select fields from the person within the deal.