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I am sorry but whatever PD tried to launch today was so awful it made me question two things

  1. Has a PD competitor compromised their dev team are they in charge of what is being launched to the community
  2. How can you replace a search email feature with a label feature that you need to go into each email individually and only give a drop down search result

These launches are right up there with the user permissions that for some reason someone on the dev team decided to make square wheels when the rest of the world is using round ones...

The release today has left me shook and afraid of the future of where any of this is going. I am 100% exploring options this has left me in a daze.


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    I am sorry that the new Sales Inbox is not suitable for your workflow. We are already aware of the Search function appearing different and have a task to review this.

    For now, please reach out to our Support team directly via in-app chat or email [email protected]. They will be able to check your account and see if possible to move you to the old version.

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    I agree this is virtually usable as an email search feature and causing major pain points for our team. Please revert or revert our company to the old version. Really a shockingly bad decision.