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During my daily work I often need to quickly filter through the Pipeline (Company name, contact person, etc.) but the only real way to do that is by creating a new filter. The "Search Pipedrive" is useful not but great because it's a global search, while what I'd need is a "local" filter: if I'm in Pipeline I want to search only the visible deals there. This quick filter would also only work on the context of the currently active filter, i.e. if my filter is for Lost only, then the results from the quick filter should not show anything open.

There's blank UI space in all these views between the green button on the left and the next field on the right side of the screen.

This would greatly improve productivity.

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  • RafaelSantos
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    Adding to my post: ideally this quick custom filter would mimic all other filters in online shops, with a text search bar where we could input a company/person/deal/etc name, then sort for only active deals (i.e. removing lost, won, etc.), in a certain stage of the pipeline, and other sorts of commonly used filters.

  • Frank Filippelli
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    @RafaelSantos I completely agree, There is a quick filter option on Hubspot that I used to use all the time but I now find myself missing since we've moved over to Pipedrive. Maybe they could just copy that. But then again, at the rate they get to some of these feature requests on this platform it just doesn't seem likely that they'll ever get to it. We may just have to go back to Hubspot after all. 😞