Anwser to mail shared with me when i am not part of the conversation

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We just put in place the full sync of mails in our comapny and our newly arrived commecial was hoping to work without outlook. I have read in Pipedrive help that you can t answer nore transfer a mail if you're not participating to the conversation. Am i the only one to find that too bad ? 🤔

We work with a team of commercial + assistant. If a client sends a mail to the assistant, he HAS to transfer the mail. Then the commercial shares it in the deal too for the assistant to see the answer. Worst, if he want's the assistant to be able to answer, he must not forget to put him in CC, for the very same reason. The same mail is shared and transfered and copied and appears in deals multiple times for nothing. 🤯

IDEA : If a mail is "Shared", attached to a deal or a contact and someone has the right to see this deal or contact, make it possible they can anwser.

I can't imagine a safety or privacy reason that would allow to share a mail within a public deal but not allow ppl to answer to it. Worst, i have noticed that if a mail have been sent not to me but to the old used of my account (therefore not to the same mail adress), then it is possible to anwser it. 🙃

We're so close from perfection ! 👍️


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