How to implement OAUTH2 on my local python script?


I want to implement OAUTH2 auth on my local python script that gets a lot of info from my company's pipedrive, I don't want to post it on DEB HUB or anything like that, only use it on my local script.



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    Hey, Luiz... I encountered this same issue recently... Had a guy repair it for me. I just texted him to remind me of the process and he sent this

    --- Register your App: Register your script as an app on the Pipedrive's 'My Apps' page to get your Client ID and Client Secret.

    --- Install Required Libraries: You'd need 'requests' and 'requests-oauthlib'. Install them via pip.

    --- Implement OAuth2: Import necessary libraries and implement OAuth2 flow in your script.

    He said you should remember to keep your Client ID and Client Secret secure


    I hope this helps, man. If you need any more help, you can reach out to me again. I'd direct you to him