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Hi , in Outlook there is a feature called "reading pane" which allows you to see the content in an email without opening it - is there an option like that in PD?

also, is it possible when you do open an email , for it to pop out or at least open in a new tab?

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  • Andreia Costa
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    Hey @TAMAR NAIM 👋

    This is actually great feedback! At the moment, we don't have that possibility, but I can see how that would enhance the experience our users have with the email sync feature.

    We will pass both ideas internally:

    1- Have the possibility to add a similar feature to Outlook's "Reading pane", that allows reading the content of an email without opening it

    2- Offer the option to open an email in a new tab and/or an option that will allow an email to open automatically in a new window

    Thank you!