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It would be wonderful, if Pipedrive would support custom objects and here is why:

  • Imagine you are a training solution supplier. Of course you can sell trainings via Pipedrive and manage all necessary sales data. But when it comes to certifications, there is something missing like "Earned certification ABC valid until dd-mm-YYYY" (with an automation underneath which triggers a certification renewal lead eg.). This could be an object "certification" and you can add it as many times as you want to one contact with different data. In this case there are three fields needed (name / type=text, description / type=textarea, valid / type=date)
  • Or imagine you are a management consulting company and you sell (individual) workshops. For every workshop there could be a workshop object, which contains (name / type=text, start / type=date, end / type=date, participants / type=listOfContacts, documentation / type=file) linked with a lead object offering this workshop
  • Or imagine you are a webdesign agency. Wouldn't it be great to have an object "website" with fields like (name / type=text, URL / type=URL, start / type=date, end / type=date, ...) and add as many as you need to a contact / organization.
  • Another use case: a courier company can create a custom object to store the schedule and dispatch details for every week. So these objects store the data that is unique to the business. The custom objects can also have custom fields along with the standard fields available in Pipedrive

You see - there infinite use cases that can benefit from custom objects.

What do you think about this?

Best, Patrick

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    It seems like you're asking for more information about custom objects. Custom objects are a fundamental concept in software development and database design. They allow you to create data structures tailored to your specific needs, beyond the standard objects provided by a programming language or database system. Custom objects enable you to represent and manage data in a way that aligns with your application's requirements.

    Here are some key points about custom objects:

    1. Definition: Custom objects are user-defined data structures or entities that you create in your code or database to represent specific concepts or data in your application.
    2. Attributes (Properties): Custom objects have attributes (also called properties or fields) that define the data associated with them. These attributes could be strings, numbers, dates, or even references to other objects.