Exchange Server with Certificate Authentication?

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Our company is currently exploring possibilities to enhance our operational efficiency by integrating our Pipedrive CRM system with our Microsoft Exchange Server. However, we have a specific requirement in terms of authentication – our company utilizes certificate-based authentication for security purposes.

Given your expertise and experience in this domain, I wanted to inquire whether it is feasible to establish a connection between Pipedrive and Microsoft Exchange Server while utilizing certificate authentication. We understand that such integration might involve complexities due to the nature of the authentication method. We are interested in ensuring that the data exchange between these systems remains secure and seamless.

If you have insights into the compatibility and challenges associated with integrating Pipedrive and Microsoft Exchange Server under these circumstances, we would greatly appreciate your guidance. Additionally, if there are any alternative authentication methods or workarounds that could achieve our integration goals while maintaining security standards, we would be eager to hear your recommendations.

We value your expertise and insights and are looking forward to your response.