Automating incoming emails

Hi group.

I would like to create automation that sorts out incoming mail.

For example. an email comes into my mail box that is unrelated to any deal, so I would like to detect that mail and automatically delete it.

I am running the advanced version of PD.



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    Hi @KevinGalea!

    Pipedrive automations do not have email-based triggers so unfortunately, it is not possible to create an automation in Pipedrive that triggers when you receive a new email. However, I think that is great feedback to note internally!

    There are a few email sync settings that may be able to help make this process easier though, I wanted to share them just in case they help!

    You can enable the email sync setting that will automatically link your emails to deals in your account, then you can use a filter in your sales inbox to isolate all of these unlinked emails and bulk delete them-

    Another thing you could do is choose to sync only specific labels/folders from your email provider so that only the deal-related emails in that folder are synced with Pipedrive. You would need to sort your emails into that folder in your email provider outside of Pipedrive first, however, this would remove the need to delete the emails in Pipedrive (because they were never sent there in the first place!)-

    Hopefully, this helps a bit!