Managing UNDELIVERED EMAILS (using automation if possible)

Hi everyone, I need some advice on managing undelivered emails. Out of 200 I send daily, about 40% bounce back or get blocked.

I've been trying to categorize these contacts to connect with them on other platforms like LinkedIn. The best way I've found is by creating a special LABEL and doing it manually, since I can't find an automation can to do it for me (I've been doing a lot of testing and nothing seems to work).

Any tips on how to do this more efficiently? Your help would be awesome! Thanks!


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    The way I handle it is just by adding (Bad Email) to the name field, see image. I also make sure to check the email first to make sure nothing stands out as obviously wrong. I may also do a quick google search to see if what I have is correct.

    I do a similar thing if I find out the person is (Retired) or (Left Company). Usually keep it in the database related to the organization for possible future reference.