Accessing related or additional person data in smart docs


Hi Pipedrive.

I'm a mortgage broker so often have applications from couples. So I created an applicant #2 Person field against the Deal Person (who I treat as applicant one). However, in smartdocs, I'm unable to access applicant 2's person data.

For example, I need applicant 2's employment status (employed/self-employed/retired etc) and job title. Rather than pulling that data directly from applicant 2's person data, I'm forced to create custom fields on the Deal Person. Eg: Applicant 2 Job Title, Applicant 2 Employment Status and so on.

It would be far more efficient, and better organized if I could just pull the data from the Applicant 2 Person.

To summarise, whenever an additional Person custom field is created on an existing Deal Person, it would be great to be able to access the data from that additional Person in Smart Docs

I hope that makes sense!

Please could you let me know if this is under consideration?

Thank you.

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