How can I create a custom trigger in Pipedrive to trigger automations?

Pam B
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I would like to create a custom trigger which would then send emails various timelines once a parcel is delivered to a contact. How do I do this?


  • inacyakup
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    Hi @Pam B

    1 automation for customers who have reached the stage A

    2 automation for customers who have reached the stage B

    you can move forward in form.

    If you can give some examples of how crm is used, I can help in detail.

  • Sophie
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    Hi @Pam B!

    How do you track that a parcel has been delivered in your account?

    I created a basic/ more general automation that may help. What this shows is that when a custom field has been updated (On an existing deal) the automation will trigger and send an email-

    You can create multiple custom fields and automations depending on when and what emails you want to send in the automation! You can also adjust the steps after to send more emails with delays or wait for condition steps- you can also adjust the trigger to contact updated if you are not working with deals.

    I hope this helps!