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I have created a custom field in my deal with the names of the referees. I created this field to be a Person type field. Now, I want to update this deal referee field with an import via spreadsheet but even with the same name as in the pipedrive system, the system is creating a new person. I want Pipedrive to use the same person already registered in the system. I can't use the person ID field because I want to update the custom field. So, the question is how can I make a bulk update of a person-type custom field and not duplicate them? Tks


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    If the new field you created will be populated with the same value in all contact records then go to the person list view. Select all the records you want to update (You may want to create a filter to drill them all down to a single view first). On the far left side use the check box to select the records you want to update. A panel with fields will pop up on the right side where you can bulk update all the records.

    If the custom field needs to be populated with unique data in each person record you will probably have to do an import as you did but then a second step of merging the duplicate records.