How to fill multiple choice fields automatically

Hi all,

we are selling multiple products and would like to add them to the org so that we have an overview about all products sold to a specific customer.

It can happen that a customer is buying multipe products in one deal or is expanding their products over time. Therefore we would like to track products bought on an org level as well. But we haven't found a good way to achieve this.

Is there an automatic way based on a deal field or product sold that this information is pushed into a custom field?


PS: Any other way to achieve this is highly appreciated. Thanks :)


  • Kreete K
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    Hi @Mathias Gockeln

    There is no automatic way to reflect Products under Organization. The only solution I can suggest is to create a Multiple-option field under Organisation, where options reflect all your products. However, it would still be a manual addition to the Org record.

    The issue with any automatic update is that our Automation is unable to add the option to multiple option field, but will always overwrite the option. So there is no simple way to make sure all Products are reflected.