Switching out 'DASHBOARD' with INSIGHTS... when insights does NOT cover the same features - insights



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    Hi Pipedrive team.

    This is getting a bit beyond a joke now, you are now rolling out your new "MENU"... which i actually see serves no useful puirpose at all except a visual change offering a menu that is less clear than before as to find what you want...

    Anyways, i digress, the issue here is that this new menu (which is supposedly rolling out for everyone mandatory in a few months now), removes any link access to the existing reporting dashboard.

    Also @Seda  this has nothing to do with reporting types, i think you ahve missed entirely the whole point of this post and not understood its scope at all... very disspointing.

    However, per my conccerns, and over a DOZEN others have chimed in here agreeing on various levels,  insights has NOT been upgraded to support existing functionality as promised... and does not support easily how your users ARE ACTUALLY NEEDING TO USE IT, and what any business owner who needs to get the most basic information about his business actually needs to do.

    Guys, this is just NOT GOOD ENOUGH. If we lose access to this feature you are literally forcing my hand to leave the platform and find something else which is a huge amount of work + migration cost for any small business. We CANNOT run our business on this new 'insights' dashboard, any business owner who is tracking their results will need the aiblity to EASILY switch the data using some kind of date selector for the ENTIRE DASHBOARD (not creating new dashboards for every sinlge possible period of data (ridiculous to even think of doing, what if i want to see this week, last month, a specific 3 month period?? i have to create an entire dashboard each time? just totally absurd) this takes ages, and forces you to pay for an upgrade you simply dont need as so you have access to all these useless dashboards, and now need to create dashboards for every possible concievable date period (again, totally ridiculous), per my original post.

    We are a web and marketing consultng firm of 12+ years, and im at a loss as to why this was not fixed first priority, given its the single most useful part of the dashboard in and of itself. That is, the ability to switch easily between date periods to check/compare data results... eg: the single most important purpose of a reporting dashboard in the first place.

    If this isnt fixed by time this new menu goes live, we will regrettably have to leave the pipedrive platform, which for us is a HUGE embarrasement for us, given we must have around 1-2 dozen of our consulting clients on here with paid accounts (whom we will also need to recommend leaving as to support them fully), the fact is, pipedrive will no longer be able to serve ours or our clients needs...  without overly convoluted methods of displaying data, while forcing us to pay for an upgrade because you have taken features away from us.

    Really not happy here. Perhaps its time for someone to get in touch with me about this and what is actually happening regarding your development timeline on this, and if htis is ever going to be fixed, because if not, i would rather plan to leave now so i have time to make arragements and inform our client base.

    @Almonzer Eskandar so now the old Reports are gone and new Insights don't have everything that was on old Reports. Not great.