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I have recently logged an issue which is impacting our company.

Unfortunately there does not seem to be a solution at present so I would like to highlight this feedback to you as it may well impact other users.

We are a small company and use Pipedrive for our email communications. There are 2 of us who access the in box to deal with enquiries. The issue we have is that we cant distinguish who is dealing with each individual email. We have tried to apply coloured labels as a way of marking the emails but the label will only show for the user who has applied it and not the other person who views the mailbox.

If there is any way around this or a suggestion that could help we would be most grateful.

Thank you!



  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @MelanieDanceDays_2023 , do you mean your 2 team members share the same Pipedrive access? That could contribute to this difficulty since Pipedrive accesses are designed individually for each user. For example, each team member should have a personal seat to help prevent this situation.

    On a related note, there is no shared email inbox between seats yet. But our developers are working to make that feature a reality soon :)